Danger, Wannabe Ahead

March 3, 2007

Creative Critics

This clever cartoon perfectly illustrates what it is like to work in the design industry. I have to say that I’ve had more than a few clients that fit several of these categories. My favorite would have to be the ever-present Wannabe.


4 Responses to “Danger, Wannabe Ahead”

  1. The wannabe is definitely the best (well, worst)! :-)

    I am soo happy to be finally in the programming camp again. They never come up with something like that:

    How about this instead?
    10 print “hello world” ;-)

    Also, wouldn’t you like to have the ultimate power spell sometimes? Like “This is technically impossible!” ;-)

  2. Gedeon Maheux Says:

    It seems that any form of creativity for hire is subject to the whims of the client at some level I guess. I mean you *do* have clients asking you for changes right? The difference is that typically those clients cannot write (or even attempt) to write the code themselves. So they can’t pull a true “Wannabe” on you. Count your blessings!

  3. DivaShop Says:

    Har! That’s funny, & so true!

  4. Well, after thinking about it, unfortunately even for the programmer its not possible to escape: Once I had a client, who’s nephew “almost completely programmed the whole project” over the weekend…

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