Jack Bauer Invades Moonbase Alpha

March 7, 2007

I’m pleased to say that this post has been over two years in the making. You see, back in March of 2005 when this episode of Fox’s hit show, 24 first aired, I thought to myself “If I had a blog, I’d post about this!” I didn’t have one at the time, but I do now, so I’m darned well posting it.

In the episode “6pm-7pm” in season 4 of 24, Jack and Curtis track one of the terrorist killers, a man named Marwan, down to a high tech front company named IDS Systems. Like all good TV companies, their logo is splashed all over the corporate cubicles and displayed prominently on their blank walls. At first glance the logo just looks like some high-tech circuit board of some kind (which I’m sure is what the art department wanted the audience to think), but the sharp eyed geeks out there will recognize the logo as the schematic layout of the fictional Moonbase Alpha from the sci-fi show Space:1999.

Perhaps the graphic designer in charge of making all those cubical graphics was under a tight deadline and grabbed something quick off the Internet, or maybe he was a big fan of Space:1999 and finally found a way to work in a clever plug for his favorite show from Gerry Anderson. Whatever the reason, I scored some major geek points from the guys at work for my clever spotting and now you can too the next time you watch 24 on DVD with your sci-fi friends. No thanks are necessary.


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