Viral, Thy Name Is Twitter

March 13, 2007

I was all set to write this really great post tonight about the web’s latest darling – Twitter. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? If not, then you’ve probably been living under an online rock, ’cause its taking the blogging community by storm. I’ve found however, that its difficult to write about an online service when said service is running at the breakneck speed of molasses, or even worse, not running at all. Such is the high price of fame that Twitter is now experiencing.

All those über-geeks at SXSW seem to be pushing Twitter to the breaking point, and all those of us stuck at home must pay the price. Its a shame too because I can’t stay aprised of my favorite Twitter denizens like John Edwards, John Gruber and Darth Vader. So if you want more insightful Mac based commentary, or hilarious, geeky Star Wars wit delivered right to your desktop or mobile phone, let’s hope Twitter can survive its growing pains and blossom into the killer service we all know it is. Besides, I have it on very good authority that Vader ain’t got all day!

Shameless Plug: Keep your eyes peeled for an important update to the Iconfactory’s own Twitterrific app in the days ahead. I’ve probably said too much… now the Chief Typist will most likely put a hit out on me. Then again, he probably doesn’t even read this blog…


3 Responses to “Viral, Thy Name Is Twitter”

  1. Adri Says:

    Darth Vader’s twitter is a big selling point for twitter! It really is very good :)

  2. Ged Says:

    Thanks Adri, I’ll pass on your kind words to the Dark Lord. He might just bestow and admiralty on you. Not sure if that’s something you want or not though…

  3. Chief Typist Says:

    He does.

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