Signs O’ the Times

May 7, 2007

In case you missed them, here are three political nuggets to chew on from recent news reports. The thread that ties these three disparate stories together? Why, Iraq of course.

Memorial Honoring Fallen Soldiers Runs Out of Room – It seems as though the brilliant hawks who thought up the Iraq war didn’t plan on it being as long and bloody as it has been. The “Wall of the Fallen” memorial, set up by Republicans in June is almost full. The current configuration of the wall can hold only 130 more names, but since the last soldier was added back on November 2nd, at least 506 more have been killed in combat. The sad part is that many of us agree that the memorial will need A LOT more space before it’s all over. More…

South Dakota Demands Pull of MPEACHW License Plate – Heather Moriah of Rapid City South Dakota let her feelings about President Bush be known via her personalized vanity plate that read MPEACHW and is now facing a legal battle for free speech. All it took was a single person to complain about the license plate for the state to try and revoke it, but since the plate is not inherently offensive or obscene, I think South Dakota might have a hard time proving its case. More…

Iraq War Leaves Kansas Unprepared – Kathleen Sebelius, the Governor of Kansas, has been forced to put out a call for aid and equipment to help in her state’s rescue and rebuilding efforts following devastating tornados this past weekend. Normally these efforts would be handled by the state’s National Guard, but many of those units AND their equipment are currently serving in the middle east. This disaster is going to serve as a wake-up call for the rest of the nation as we head into what could become one of the worst hurricane seasons on record. Do we really want to be unprepared to deal with tragedies at home? More…


5 Responses to “Signs O’ the Times”

  1. macfixer Says:

    Dude, this stuff is gold. Thanks!


  2. Lost In NC Says:

    Didn’t the lady in SD win though? I thought I heard that she was going to be allowed to keep her license plate.

  3. Ged Says:

    Lost, a quick search of Google turns up no recent news updates for the story that I can see. If you run into one somewhere that details any more info, please post it here if you would. Thanks!

  4. LostInNC Says:

    Ask and yes shall recieve!

    Not a news story, but in the first paragraph it references the decision to not pursue a recall of the plates.

  5. Ged Says:

    Thanks for posting that Lost, I’m very glad to see the state gave up on their plans to have the plate pulled. A little bit of my faith is restored. Just a little…

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