The Queen Is Dead

May 30, 2007

According to Starpulse, actress Natalie Portman is disappointed she was not invited to attend the 30th anniversary screening of Star Wars in Los Angeles earlier this month. Awww, poor baby.

I always find it amusing and a bit remarkable when stars are snubbed by the franchises that they have publicly derided and loathed. Just as a reminder, Natalie once said this of everybody’s favorite sci-fi franchise:

“It really wasn’t my thing. It still isn’t my thing, the whole science-fiction action thing,” Portman told the press. “I prefer simpler, character-based movies.”

Now, I’m all for bashing Star Wars every now and then, but when you are one of the saga’s major stars (the mother of Luke and Leia!) and you tell geek boys and girls everywhere that Star Wars really “isn’t my thing”, I think its pretty safe to say you’re gonna get a reception as cold as a dead tauntaun on Hoth.

Other notable actors that hate the franchises that made them stars include Jerri Ryan, Robert Beltran and Patrick Stewart. On the flip side, some stars know a good thing when they see it and hang on for dear life, as Johnathan Frakes has done with his multiple Trek successes. Gratitude is all in the eye of the beholder I guess.


11 Responses to “The Queen Is Dead”

  1. LostInNC Says:

    Kinda reminds me of when Shatner and Nimoy went out and started banging on “Star Trek” and then were surprised at the backlash from fans. We’re big hearted folks, and can take a decent ribbing as well as the next guy, but we shouldn’t get it like that from “one of our own”.

  2. Ged Says:

    Nimoy went through a loooong period of his life where he absolutely could not stand to be associated with Star Trek. Many may remember he wrote the book “I am not Spock”. Then after some years of coming to grips with the character, he had a change of heart with the reversal tome “I am Spock”.

    He’s a great example of what happens when an actor matures and realizes just what they’ve accomplished and what helped get them there. Spock is one of the most beloved characters in all of fiction. I think Nimoy finally accepted this and used it to his advantage in later years. I’m sure Natalie will look back on her Star Wars days eventually and think the same stuff.

  3. I am still surprised that a total of two real, world class actors are in Star Wars. [duck and cover]

  4. Ged Says:

    How cryptic Wolfgang! Which two actors could they be? One *has* to be Sir Alec Guiness, but the other I’m just not sure about. If I had to guess I’d put money on Harrison Ford or Frank Oz. Don’ tell me Liam Neeson or, pretty much anyone else.

    Although I have to say that I think the wooden performances of many of the Star Wars characters have to do with the direction they were given, and not so much the actor’s abilities.

  5. Actually I forgot one. So I correct myself to three.

  6. Jiffy Says:

    Along the same lines, I’ve been impressed with the way all the stars of Firefly and Serenity have embraced the fans who tried to keep the show on the air and the movie in theaters. The ongoing convention appearances by cast and crew tells me they appreciate the fans’ support even 6 years after the short-lived series was canceled.

    I do think Mark Hamill took many years to fully embrace the type-casting he felt he suffered after playing Luke Skywalker. Now he celebrates his place in sci-fi history and continues to choose projects that appeal to his established fan base.

    As a nearly life-long fan of sci-fi and fantasy fiction in all forms, I’ve got some strong feelings about the topic. Anyone who is lucky enough to be a part of something as deep-rooted as Star Wars or Star Trek should be grateful, at least on some level. Look at how involved everyone was in the making of the Lord of the Rings pictures, yet now The Hobbit might never get made because Peter Jackson can’t resolve his issues over money (!) with New Line. Art vs. Commerce is an ugly business sometimes.

  7. LostInNC Says:

    Peter Cushing is #2. Gran Moff tarkin

  8. Ged Says:

    Ah, good one Lost! That old space dog totally slipped by me. Cushing was a master stroke by Lucas, I must admit. I totally loved the way Tarkin seemed to be the only one in the universe not intimidated by Vader. A great deal of that has to do with Cushing’s portrayal of him and the gravitas he brought to the role. Can’t believe I just used that word…

  9. David Says:

    I thought dead tauntauns were pretty warm on the inside or was that smelled bad or both?

    Regarding Mark Hamill, don’t forget Corvette Summer! Was that type-casting? I’m not sure what that was…

  10. Erik Says:

    Was Ewan McGregor invited? If Ms. Portman wasn’t invited because of her badmouthing the franchise, I’d be surprised if he was.

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