A Match Made In Geek Heaven

June 22, 2007

Over at my place of work, I often receive email asking what people can do to help support the Iconfactory. I always reply that the best way is to purchase our software and to generally spread the good word about efforts to support the Macintosh and icon creation community. Since WWDC 2007 though, we’ve thought of another way that the average person could help show their love for what we do, and it doesn’t even cost a penny.

Earlier this year we released our very first game for the Macintosh platform in conjunction with ARTIS Software. Frenzic is new take on classic puzzle games like Tetris that is easy to learn and quite literally can take months to master. The game was met with positive reviews, scores of downloads and an entire roster of enthusiastic players from around the world. People agree that one of the things that makes Frenzic so fun to play is its simplicity. Stay alive as long as possible, rack up points, power-ups and lives to scratch and claw your way up the leaderboard.

It occurred to us quite early in Frenzic’s development that it would make an outstanding game for the mobile phone platform and the iPhone in particular. Simply touch the screen to place pieces in the appropriate circles, touch power-ups to activate them and try valiantly to resist addiction! Games of Frenzic typically take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes making them perfect time killers in doctor’s offices or the airport. The game is programmed entirely in Cocoa and doesn’t rely on external game engines like Open GL so it would be extremely easy to port to the iPhone.

Needless to say we did our best to pitch Frenzic to Apple at the recent WWDC Developers conference in San Fransisco, but as the saying goes, it doesn’t hurt to have some insurance. This is where you come in. Head on over to Apple.com and take a moment to let Steve and gang know you’d love to have Frenzic as a premiere game for the iPhone. If enough people write, our little game that could, just might join the historic ranks of Bejeweled and Tetris. We’d love the opportunity to bring Frenzic to an iPhone near you, and with your help, it just might happen.

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64 Responses to “A Match Made In Geek Heaven”

  1. Louie Mantia Says:

    OH MY GAWD. I’ve been asking about this since I heard about the iPhone. :D A match made in Geek Heaven for sure!

  2. Tyler H. Says:

    Feedback sent. I hope we can get them to budge! Good luck Ged!

  3. Ged Says:

    Thanks so much Tyler! Every single email helps, so spread the word far and wide.

  4. Billy Says:

    Do we get a cut of the profits? Or do you get both all of our positive feedback and all the profit from your game on millions of cellphones?

  5. […] A Match Made In Geek Heaven [image] Over at my place of work, I often receive email asking what people can do to help support the Iconfactory. I […] […]

  6. Frenzic: The Next Bejeweled, Tetris? - The Apple Blog Says:

    […] of The IconFactory, Ged Maheux has laid-out his idea of a ‘match made in heaven’ and would love for your support in helping achieve it. With Frenzic’s recent release as the […]

  7. […] of The IconFactory, Ged Maheux has laid-out his idea of a ‘match made in heaven’ and would love for your support in helping achieve it. With Frenzic’s recent release as the […]

  8. lizzy Says:

    Would definitely be a great addition to the iPhone! :)

  9. Glenn Wolsey Says:

    This would be excellent! I’m right behind you guys with this idea.

  10. Frank Cantu Says:

    Seconded. Now off to work on it…

  11. […] of it’s kind, Frenzic is really easy to learn, but really hard to advance in the ranks. A blog article caught my eye today and I wanted to share it with you. It explains how Frenzic would be a great […]

  12. Rus Says:

    Port it to the web – the iPhone supports ajax apps – problem solved.

  13. Brian Says:

    I think this would be fun as well! I’ll send.

    To join with Billy, if we get it on the iPhone then will you turn it into a free product for all of us?

  14. joeytomatoes Says:

    Great Marketing and Branding.

  15. Ged Says:

    Creating an online, web-based version of Frenzic means that it’s source code would be freely visible to the public to copy, steal and redistribute. Also, do you think the games that are going to come on the iPhone are going to be Ajax? I highly doubt it.

  16. To those saying, do it in AJAX, we actually considered it. As Ged noted, there’s a problem with exposing intellectual property.

    A bigger reason is that the game is too complex to do in Javascript. Timers, sounds and graphics would be too much for the interpreter to handle (getting it to run well in a native Cocoa environment took A LOT of work and tuning.)


  17. bruckwine Says:

    Once more the call to pen the system up is loosed!

  18. Chris Says:

    Do those who take the time to write, and make you a ton of a money, get a free copy?

  19. Jerry Says:

    left feedback for apple. Good luck on getting your game installed. As an alternative, this would be good as a webapp.

  20. Mat Says:

    Yes, this is a great game with design and usability worthy of a premier apple product. Good luck Frenzic!

  21. Andrew Says:

    This would be a FANTASTIC game on the iPhone.

  22. […] — not necessarily meaning that said version was ever planned. But there’s already a request to port Frenzic to the iPhone. The ball’s now in Apple’s side of the […]

  23. Jiffy Says:

    This would be great! As someone who has been a confirmed non-cell user, I’ve been so pleasantly surprised at how appealing the iPhone has become, especially considering the recent announcements about the features included. Now I’m a total iPod addict and can’t wait to find out if updated iMacs are reality instead of rumor. Now bring me Frenzic on an iPhone and I think that would push me over the edge and convert me from non-cell to cell-addict too! Truly an inspired marriage of hard and soft tech.

  24. Aitor Says:

    Can’t find better marriage!

  25. Cyril Says:

    it would be awsome to have frenzic on my future iPhone…. This game is designed for a protable use. Quick, simple and addictive!!

  26. bramn Says:

    Yes yes yes, please please please, give us Frenzic on the iPhone. Better yet, gimme an iPhone on top of that, otherwise I would be nowhere…

  27. Jay Says:

    Dude, it’s Frenzic! A natural choice for sure Apple. What’s there to think about?!

    Yay iPhone! Yay Iconfactory/ARTIS!

  28. Feedback sent. This truly is something that would be great for both companies. Fun all around!

  29. John Torres Says:

    This game would be so cool with multitouch

  30. […] Help Iconfactory, maker of the Wii Wallpaper starring me, get Frenzic on the iPhone. [Gedblog] […]

  31. Ged Says:

    Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments. All of us at the factory are gratified by your outpouring of support, and appreciate it more than you realize. Gonna stop typing now before I get all weepy…

  32. Rock Norris Says:

    Ged et al., I hope it goes without saying, but if you wanted to really give it that cool iPhone/Apple flair, don’t just let “tap” be the only way to put a wedge into a surrounding well. Use the iPhone’s ability to “flick” with velocity out of the center. I can just see how much fun it would be to watch people making this starburst motion on the front of their iPhones and it would seem very fluid and intuitive.

    now, of course, this means apple has to “invite you in” to develop for that coveted “home” screen. maybe you can just get bought out by google? that seems to be the ticket for a home screen icon. ;-)

  33. Soldierdin Says:

    Hi ! Just an email to support you for your fantastic adictive game. Good luck to you and to your game frenzic, this game is just … crazy good :)

  34. Giulia Mucciarelli Says:

    feedback sent to apple! Goodluck guys and thank you for the amazing work you do!
    your biggest fan, Giulia (from Italy)

  35. Paul Says:

    What an amazing game, it would be a fantastic selling point of the iPhone. Good Luck although I don’t think you should need it.

  36. Jakov Cordina Says:

    I just want to add my voice to this. Frenzic is an amazing game and would love to see it on the iphone!

  37. […] Maheux, Co-Founder of the Icon Factory, has sent out a plea for your help. The Icon Factory wants to see their hit Mac puzzle game, Frenzic, be available for […]

  38. […] for iPhone to Apple at WWDC, but they could use a little love from you, The People! Check out this post at gedblog to learn how you can pester ask Apple to make Frenzic an iPhone app. Good luck, […]

  39. mr chinatown Says:


  40. Kendall Tawes Says:

    Fantastic idea. When I get an iPhone (eventually) I will make sure to wait until I can play that on it. It’s just such a good idea! Great game.

  41. code monkey Says:

    Sorry guys but there are alot of other things the iPhone needs before frenzic. I’d like to see support for 3rd party apps still but not just so i can play frenzic.

  42. Hey Steve,
    I would like Frenzic on the iPhone. Pleeeeeeeeeease.


  43. Nikita Jermolajev Says:

    Hey! It’s a perfect match!

  44. Hell yes-please! ;-)

  45. Joseph Says:

    Sounds teh sexy… *lick*

  46. Ted Says:

    Even though I don’t plan on owning an iPhone, I would *love* to see Frenzic on there. It’s just such a great game to play, and would be excellent in a portable version. Ooo, iPhone for Palm OS!

  47. Raul Says:

    I wrote a message to support Frenzic iPhone version too.

  48. Hayden Says:

    The perfect game to play on the go this has to happen

  49. What a great game for the iPhone. Better time killer than Bejewled even!

  50. Jack Says:

    I love Frenzic (bought it after playing for 10 minutes). If I could get it on my iPhone the iPhone wouldn’t be just super sweet, It would be super duper sweet.

  51. Sashel Says:

    This has to happen.

    iPhone Killer App – this would take my Frenzic addiction to a new level.

  52. Jeremy Says:

    I think that frenzic would actually be BETTER on the iPhone. I find in playing it that I can’t click the right bits quickly enough, and I think pointing right at them w/ my finger would work better.

  53. Santoleri Says:

    Awesome! I would LOVE to see this on the iPhone!

  54. […] BTW. don’t you think that Frenzic would be a wonderful game for the iPhone? Then read this! If you haven’t done so already then download and try it on your Mac today — and then […]

  55. Glan Thomas Says:

    I’m not a great Frenzic player, but quite like it and agree it would be a fun game for the iphone. I reckon it could be rewriten as a web app in HTML/CSS/Javascript/Quicktime. It would be intresting to know if the orginal developers have though of this option or getting someone else to do it.

  56. Ged Says:

    Glan, check out Craig’s blog on the latest in regard to Frenzic as a web app. The bottom line is, it’s not possible.


  57. TraceyC Says:

    I am adding my voice to the people wanting Frenzic as a iPhone app. IconFactory has been coming out with the coolest desktops, icons, and apps for Macs for at least as long as I’ve been a Mac user (going on 20 years now) – the iPhone shouldn’t be an exception.


  58. […] of it’s kind, Frenzic is really easy to learn, but really hard to advance in the ranks. A blog article caught my eye today and I wanted to share it with you. It explains how Frenzic would be a great […]

  59. […] be the masterful gadget it is, free from the burdens of 3rd party patches, font hacks and even awesome touch-sensitive games. Sure I’d love to be able for people to play Frenzic on the iPhone, I’ve said as […]

  60. […] would make the ideal touch-sensitive game. Grassroots all the way baby![…] Thanks to WoWKodos for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 627 […]

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