Giada, How I Hate Thee…

June 25, 2007

Watching this season of The Next Food Network Star has made one thing perfectly clear for me. I absolutely cannot stand Food Network’s Giada De Laurentiis. I’m not someone to use the word “hate” lightly, but after giving it a ton of thought, I stand by my choice of words. Why do I hate her? Let me count the ways…

• Skanky, low-cut silk blouses over hot stoves

• Enough lip gloss to lube a grandfather clock

• Phony, sophomoric, teethy grins

• Insistence on using pretentious, native pronunciation for all Italian foods – “MOE-ZAH-RRRRE-LLAH!”

• 7 layers of foundation under hot, studio lights

• Thinks having an Italian name and studying in Italy automatically makes her an amazing Italian cook for the ages

• Judging other’s flaws while ignoring her own

• Thinks she belongs on the same network as Alton Brown and Paula Deen

• Thinks Food Network’s audience can spot a phony a mile away, but seems pretty okay with being one herself

Thank goodness I’m not the only one who feels this way. If the Food Network was smart, they’d start putting Giada on the back burner. She’s worn out her short, perky welcome.

UPDATE: Of all the posts I’ve written, this one has now officially become the most popular. It sure says something about Giada, but I don’t think it’s something she wants to hear. Evidently a WHOLE lot of people have problems with her, along with just about every other cook on the Food Network including Rachel Ray, Paula Deen and of course, Emeril. Check out the comments on this thread. They are brutal and they go on for some 17 pages. Oooouch!!

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  1. LK Says:

    Haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Giada, but for me there are so many on the Food Network to avoid. I used to watch Unwrapped because I like seeing how stuff is made…but eventually I could stand it no more, thanks to host Marc Summers and his incessant baby-talk, pun-laden delivery. I swear that guy still lives with his mother.

  2. Mrs. T.D. Gaines-Crockett Says:

    Giada is a lovely young woman, if one likes that slutty, obnoxious type.

  3. Ged Says:

    LOL! Mrs. Gaines-Crockett, you are a woman of wise words. Too perfect!

  4. Mrs. T.D. Gaines-Crockett Says:

    I resemble that remark, dear.

  5. macfixer Says:

    Don’t forget Guy Fieri — one of the “Star” winners. His “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” is awesome, and is a terrific replacement for “The Secret Life Of…” (which replaced host Jim O’Connor with the duller George Duran — that’s my opinion).

    Guy travels around to different places and sees what makes ’em tick. Usually, the owners/cooks are the real characters, and Guy knows enough to get out of the way and let them shine through.


    p.s.: Oh, and Giada is a floozy. My wife told me to tell you.

  6. I’m a fan of Giada myself, though it might be all the low cut blouses (I’m easily distracted). I’ll tell you the one person on the Food Network that I can’t stand: Rachel Ray. And now she is every-freakin’-where. I can’t get a box of Triscuits or a donut without being greeted by that EVOO usin’ lady.

  7. Ged Says:

    It’s funny. I don’t know a single person who likes Rachel Ray. She has definitely become the new “Emeril” of Food Network. She’s completely over exposed and people are sick of her. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see her give the sit-com angle a try as well. Giada on the other hand, is just plain obnoxious and annoying.

  8. macfixer Says:

    You can seriously get messed up if you were to hold a “Rachel Ray Drinking Game” — and take a shot whenever she mentions ‘EVOO’

    (whether or not you take a shot of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is up to you)


    p.s.: I wonder if RR is trying to elbow her way into trademarking the acronym ‘EVOO’?

  9. Mrs. T.D. Gaines-Crockett Says:

    Rachel Ray? Talk about 30 minutes of blithering turquoise nothingness. What say you about Sandra Lee, the Queen of Hamburger Helper and a single sprig of fresh cilantro?

  10. luke cage Says:

    I did not care for Giada before. However, after seing her on the ” The Next Food Network’s Star.” I hate the chick. Did anyone peep how she acted towards the Black woman contestant. Did anyone hear G comment on the contestant’s shoes while sporting that rictoris Joker smile of hers. All the while forgetting she doesn’t wear proper cooking attire. Unless one usually wears Parda, Choo’s, and tiaras whilst making spaghettios.

  11. luke cage Says:

    I did not care for Giada before. However, after seing her on the ” The Next Food Network’s Star.” I hate the chick. Did anyone peep how she acted towards the Black woman contestant. Did anyone hear G comment on the contestant’s shoes while sporting that rictoris Joker smile of hers. All the while forgetting she doesn’t wear proper cooking attire. Unless one usually wears Prada, Choo’s, and tiaras whilst making spaghettios.

  12. JenSings Says:

    Apparently, I liked the terrified, nervous Giada of the early days (her own admission) because I can’t even look at this sickening “confident” version. New and improved G growls, so now her idiotic yammering sounds authoritative. And that new move she’s got with the one eyebrow – yowsa! She means bidness! Feh, what an annoying little beaked bird. As for her two biggest talents: we’ve all got ’em, honey.

    She went to “Paradise” recently and brought her “culinary expertise” along for the ride. Expertise? Nutella? Paaaasta? Tomato sauce? I repeat: Nutella? (I guess when you call it Nootayllla it gets glamorous)

    Is this the same expertise I saw hopping around and bleating during the Iron Chef fiasco? That inspires insipid commentary such as “Salt the water for the paaaaasta, that way you get tons of flavor!”
    Uh…it’s salt. But, no matter, I’m so blinded by her beauty and super hot hotness that inane babble is just so much white noise.

    You just keep on throwing your head back and laughing too much at nothing, Titsia (my new nick for the Countess of KKKrunccchhhh). The joke may be on us now but the butt of it keeps falling out of her shirt.

  13. Ged Says:

    “As for her two biggest talents: we’ve all got ‘em, honey.”

    Oh man, that is *so* funny! You go girl! You pretty much summed up all of Giada with this one post. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, it made my day!

  14. nurit4 Says:

    What a phony she is with that plastic smile. How dare she commnet on the next food network stars phony smile.
    She really didnty like the black lady and it showed very much.
    Thats another thing that Gay grayed haired guy is a real butt hole.

  15. Adrian Says:

    Her nose reminds me of that episode of I Love Lucy when Lucy makes that fake nose and accidently sets it on fire. I also hate everytime she tastes her own cooking she looks at the camera as she eats and her eyes popout so big like they’re going to popout of her head. The most annoying thing she does is criticize everybody that she invites to “help” her cook on her show. She gets all smart allec with them and won’t let them do anything! What a bitch!

  16. Diana Says:

    I just have to say that Giada has always been an annoying presence to me on Food Network. I agree with what many of you have said about the low cut tops, the ridiculously low cut tops and the super-fake Italian accent that seems to come and go.

    And then she had her appearance as an Iron Chef…I was thrilled that she lost. Rachael Ray might be annoying, but at least she is a tiny bit more down to earth and not shaking her chest around in people’s faces.

    The last straw(s) were seeing Giada on the Food Network Challenge (wedding cakes) and seeing what a catty woman she really is…so snide and condescending, then smiling that cheshire cat smile and displaying her cleavage (again) every so often to the camera.

    And now, she has ruined The Next Food Network Star for me. It is true that beauty is on the inside…even though Giada tries so so overtly dazzle us with her outside…her inside, the personality, etc. stink. She is vain, conceited and not genuine at all.

    The worst is this…one day whist watching Giada (yes, there was a recipe I was actually interested in getting) my 9 year old daughter actually asked me “Mommy, why does that lady have her boobies hanging out like that?”

    I think that sums it all up…don’t you?

  17. Ged Says:

    Man, this post really does seem to have struck a nerve. I sincerely hope the Food Network is listening because, the channel is going down hill fast.

    Mindy and I deleted our season pass for the Next Food Network star from the TiVo in the hopes they get the message that the show just plain sucks. And no one can tell me they didn’t vet Jag’s credentials until the final episode. Something there is totally rotten in Denmark.

    Diana, thanks for sharing your thoughts, especially the comment from your daughter! That is SO perfect, you should send it in to the Food Network if you can. So awesome!

  18. LeeDee Says:

    Did anybody see Giada get her ass kicked on Iron Chef? (vs. Rachel Ray). We almost threw our shoes at the t.v watching this untalented cook whine, complain and cry her way throughout the show. It was funny though because I thought Bobby Flay was gonna stangle her at one point! Rachel Ray may not be the best chef in the world, but I’d rather her then Giada any day.

  19. alyssa Says:

    giada’s show is food porn. rachaels is birth control. Emeril’s and Paula’s are abstinence. Ina Garten is okay, but # 1-i keep thinking she’s gonna have a hert attack every show # 2-she’s all “ooh look at me i live in the hamptons and drive a BMW” Tyler Florence is Sexy. If Alton Brown had hair, it would be Donald Trump-esque. Sandra Lee, OMFG, don’t even get me started. Her food is shit. its all storebought shit thrown together in a pile. She is an alcoholic. its the only explanation for her continuous cocktails. Did u see all the beer at that one program, uh, i don’t remember.*translates as i don’t care* And that dude dating her? God her must be deaf, blind, and stupid. RachaelRay doesn’t shut the fuck up long enough to chew. I hope she chokes to death. Paula Deen, with all her theeeis and thhhhhat and owl for oil and beiiikitts for biscuits. Ugh. I agree with ALton Brown on the next food network star when he said,”Can we send them all home and start over?” How bout we put the in a car, drive it off a bridge, and we have to remember, tie them to Emeril, they’ll drown faster :)

  20. Ged Says:

    Damn alyssa, sounds like you have some pent up Food Network frustrations. Good to get them out! :-)

  21. cynthia Says:

    I agree that Giada’s low cut shirts are getting really annoying! I am just sick of seeing her cleavage all the time. I remeber watching last seasons Food Network star and Alton brown went crazy on this one contestant because her shirt was low cut. So he made her wear his sweater. What the hell? Giada is way worse!
    Her grin gets gets annoying as well, it just looks so fake to me.
    But her food is a different story. She was born in Rome. Her whole family is from Italy. She probably grew up with Italian food and she also has much experience as a chef. I believe she went to some type of school in France. Soo her Italian food is authentic.

  22. RicardoB Says:

    I swear whenever Giada smiles her drag-queen smile, you can see behind her molars. She beat back Farmer Oak (“Far from the madding crowd” – Thomas Hardy).

    She was a real hog in the 2007 Food Network Star.

    This wannabe is in the wrong business.

  23. David Says:

    First of all, I’ve never seen the show, but every day I pass the IX Center in Cleveland where I see an electronic ad for the Fabulous Food Show from now until November. Ms. De Laurentiis will be there along with Alton Brown, Jason Roberts, and Duff Goldman. With 22 responses to this post, I may need to see the TV show for myself. Also, my brother-in-law works at the IX Center, so I’m tempted to go and report from there.

  24. mandi Says:

    i felt the need to write something. i came across this site, read the comments, and just thought that SOMEBODY should stick up for giada! it seems like the only comments made are about her cleavage! so the woman is attractive and not ashamed… have any of you even tried to cook any of her recipes? i have two of her cookbooks and watch her show regularly. she is an inspiring chef who makes beautiful, tasty food that i LOVE to cook two, sometimes three times a week.

    and the comments about her smile… oh my god are you people mean! she has enthusiasm and joy in her cooking which i think is lovely! it’s great to see someone with passion and excitement for food. and yeah she might pronounce some words a little silly, but come on… is that any reason to HATE someone? HARSH! now i’m not blind, i do realize that sometimes her shirts are pretty low. but hey, at least she looks good! haha and it’s nothing that your kid’s not going to see on any of the other channels or walking down the street! and HER FOOD IS GOOD!!! isnt that what her job is after all?

  25. Ged Says:

    Jorge, so do I! I think cookies are the universal language of sweets. :-)

  26. […] may seem to the casual reader that I have a bone to pick with cooking shows lately, but that’s just because they deserve it so much. I happen to think […]

  27. Ty Says:

    The main thing that bothers me about Giada is the annoying, fake-ass way she OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR annunciates every italian word she uses. I was just watching Paula Deen a sec ago and Giada’s show just came on and I just heard her say “Mascarpone” but it came out as…”MAH-SKADR-PO-NEHH” OMG!!! Does she HAVE to do that??? i mean how irritating can she possiibly get?

  28. Ged Says:

    Right there with ya Ty! You’re preaching to the choir. :-)

  29. Inga Says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing after reading the comment made about Giada’s nose reminding her about the big, fake nose in the I Love Lucy episode!! Giada is just as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. And aren’t her breasts implants? A friend mentioned that years ago, when G first appeared on the Food Network, she was as flat-chested as a little boy. And she still had that big, ugly, hook-nose!

  30. Laura Says:

    Holy smokes. I went online to start a forum about how much i hated Giada, cause i was watching lovely Paula a minute ago and thought damn the end of her show is ruined because now i am thinking about getting off my butt to change the channel before that psycho hose-for-a-nose is coming on. Have you seen the way she treats her husband??? Holy smokes. That man must be fixed the way he keeps his mouth shut. The overdone tits, hair, eyes, makeup, outfits. Holy smokes. Thank you all for submitting your feelings about this Food Network Wannabee Wench !!!!!

  31. James Says:

    Another faux-Italian pronunciation that drove me nuts was PRO-VO-LONE-EEE, teeth and all.

  32. Jenna Says:

    For Halloween, I vote we all take pitch forks and put effigies of Giada on them (stick that bobblehead right through it!). At 23:00 EST on Oct 31, let’s set them all ablaze! Drives me nuts to hear her fucking voice after Paula goes off.

  33. Elsie Says:

    Giada is a talentless TV clown who flashes her cleavage, hoping to detract attention from her oddly short flipper-like arms. Has anyone else noticed her strange, stumpy arms? Those flailing stumps combined w/ her her big bobble-head, hooky nose, & enormous teeth are enough to give one the creeps. She should be in a sideshow.

  34. Ged Says:

    One thing is for sure. Of all the posts I’ve written thus far, this one about Giada has engendered the most, shall we say, interest. She really does seem to get on many people’s nerves, I just don’t get why the Food Network sticks with her.

  35. Mike Says:

    They stick with her for the same reason advertisers stick with Howard Stern: people who love Giada & Stern tune in to see what will happen next and people who hate Giada & Stern tune in to see what will happen next. Audience numbers = advertising dollars. Plain and simple. So, through her cleavage, faux-Italian accent and Julia Roberts ear-to-ear grin, she has created a monster that has generated a TV audience and a buzz that produced 26 responses to your blog alone. Love her or hate her, people are talking about her. And that alone means a big payday for The Food Network. Somehow, methinks the “real” Giada is not the same as the character she plays on TV, in much the same way as Bob Villa in person is not the same as the character he plays (a character that “seems” to actually know something about tools).

  36. Ged Says:

    Your points are VERY well taken Mike. Of course, you are right on the money with this. I guess there really is no such thing as bad PR.

  37. havingmysay Says:

    alyssa Says:
    August 8th, 2007 at 1:33 pm
    giada’s show is food porn. rachaels is birth control. Emeril’s and Paula’s are abstinence. Ina Garten is okay, but # 1-i keep thinking she’s gonna have a hert attack every show # 2-she’s all “ooh look at me i live in the hamptons and drive a BMW” Tyler Florence is Sexy. If Alton Brown had hair, it would be Donald Trump-esque. Sandra Lee, OMFG, don’t even get me started. Her food is shit. its all storebought shit thrown together in a pile. She is an alcoholic. its the only explanation for her continuous cocktails. Did u see all the beer at that one program, uh, i don’t remember.*translates as i don’t care* And that dude dating her? God her must be deaf, blind, and stupid. RachaelRay doesn’t shut the fuck up long enough to chew. I hope she chokes to death. Paula Deen, with all her theeeis and thhhhhat and owl for oil and beiiikitts for biscuits. Ugh. I agree with ALton Brown on the next food network star when he said,”Can we send them all home and start over?” How bout we put the in a car, drive it off a bridge, and we have to remember, tie them to Emeril, they’ll drown faster :)

    *ROTFLMAO* that about sums it up for me, too! I thought I was the only one that thought that stuff! Sandra Lee is a drunk, so she only has time to add fresh herbs to store bought pot roast! Her “tablescapes” are ugly as he**! Paula Deen AND her boys are dorks and NO ONE in Georgia REALLY talks that stupid..I know, I live there! She is an embarrassment to us all! I LOVE Bobby Flay and Alton Brown. I like Rachel Ray..but she is a bit stupid at times. Giada thinks were are all stupid telling us “she is about to take a bite”..uh, we can see the food on the fork heading to your mouth..I think we can figure out that you are taking a bite! Also, her bony ass can’t be eatin all that food..or she is puking up right after the camera goes off! However, I hate the next food network star and iron chef..I want cooking shows..more Bobby and Tyler, PLEASE! Emeril..I won’t even get on him..UGH!

  38. Hateher Says:

    I see I’m amongst friends! So relieved to know that I’m not the only one who sees through that cheap phony. Did you see her flop on the Oprah show?! It was all Oprah and her guest could do to not embarrass her and tell the truth about Giada’s horrible brie and chocolate disaster! I KNOW Oprah regretted having her on the show after seeing how bad of a cook she is.

  39. Maria Says:

    HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I must admit how much pleasure I had watching Giada lose in the iron chef competition, and of course, reading all this dishing on that dim-wit diva wanna-be! She obviously has no real, TRUE talent! She made soooo many mistakes, lacked composure, then whined and cried like a spoiled brat when things didn’t go her way! Then, her feeble attempt to suck up to the judges by hugging them! HA! Talk about true colors coming out! She FLOPPED because she’s a LOOOOOSER. No outtakes here Giada! yeah, that’s right, no cutting and editing…like you MUST do on all of your ridiculously syrupy sweet food (porn) shows! PLEASE, spare us all from your disgusting attempt to try and entice us with your fake boobs, over-done accentuations, and phony blue-white horse-toothed smile! You ugly, ignorant horse-faced, hook-nosed self-righteous predjudice prima donna! Get the #@$! off the food network! I want to watch a COOKING show, not a slutty GLORY HOUND! Now, by your own admission, you didn’t want to get pregnant, and now that you are, (poor little soul will have that beak nose), you probably should go where you belong…OFF THE AIR, and BAREFOOT AND IN THE KITCHEN…Uh, your own kitchen, that is… and NOT on our kitchen TV!!!!

  40. Mary Says:

    I heard some one say she is going to have a BABY last week on some show.

  41. Mark Says:

    Wow, what vitrol! Then again, I hate Emeril with the same sort of passion. Alton Brown is my hero– everyone else on that network, is at best, “meh.” Oh, and then there’s Bobby Flay, who I really want to smack around a bit.

  42. Vonster Says:

    Too lazy to read all the former posts so if someone pointed this out already I apologize.

    Her Ginormous head always disturbed me. To quote a line from “I married an Axe Murderer.” Her head looks like an Orange on a tooth pick.

    Her name is the only reason she has a show. She has connections period the end.

  43. Terry D Says:

    I am a chef and I can tell you, she can’t cook. No self respecting chef puts together store bought chicken broth and store bought tortellini and calls it a recipe. She did that. What a joke. I think this is what happend. One day,while watching the Food Network, she decided to go to culinary school so her family could use there connections and get her a cooking show. I heard her say that when she went to culinary school she wanted to quit almost immediately because it was too hard. Her mom made her stay. She seems very lazy to me.
    Several things really bother me about her. First of all, she is a terrible cook. Boring, lazy recipes that make Rachael Ray look like Julia Child. She never even mixes things properly. She just lazily tosses with a spoon while cocking her head to the side trying to look cute.
    Her over and actually mispronunciation of Italian words. She aleays say PANCHITTA for example. With very short vowels. Italians use long vowel sounds, PANCEHHHHTAH.(i don’t know how to spell what I mean)Also, she prounces them like that and even corrects her family members pronunciation when they are on her show. If she were my sister I would tell her “shut up, I’m Italian too”.
    I am so sick of her boobs on my tv screen. Her gross saggy boobs. If she could really cook she wouldn’t need to have them hanging out like that. Ever notice her disgusting man hands? Look at her thick fat fingers. Grosses me out when I see them touch the food.
    One of the sweetest things ever was watching her lose on Iron Chef. Did anyone notice that SHE COULDN”T BOIL WATER!!!!!!!! Awesome! She was crying and crying about how her water wouldn’t boil. What a loser. What a spoiled brat. She spent the whole show making lousy ravioli that should have taken 10 minutes to make. She didn’t even make the pasta for the ravioli. Then she covers them with cookies. What? She also forgot to put her cranberries on the dish which was the secret ingredient. Bobby had to remind her. She had a lot of nerve wearing a chef’s coat. Racael Ray is annoying on her show but by all accounts is a very sweet person. She doesn’t call herself a chef. It was great to see her and Mario win.

  44. Ged Says:


    That is awesome! Thanks for pointing me at that cause, you know, I can’t stand to actually watch her show. It is just TOO funny, you made my week, thanks!

  45. George M Says:

    I finally found a group who hates this fink as much as I do. Giada annoys me (and my wife) for soooo many different reasons:

    1. I did like her at one time, before her appearance as judge on “The Next Food Network Star”. Her “Holier-Than-Thou” attitude was disgusting. I thought to myself every week, “Who the hell does she think she is?”.

    2. After the show ended, I did catch a couple (okay, quite a few) shows. I thought to myself, okay, I’m Italian, and I can do way more with a salad that some leaves and a couple of slices of cheese. Not only
    that, she makes the same things OVER and OVER and OVER.

    I realize that instructional cooking is meant to
    be simple, but come on! The stuff she makes is the culinary equivalent of tap water and lemon. (Don’t forget to over-innunciate “lemon”).

    Around Christmas, I caught myself watching the holiday all-stars show. Everything that she made around the season had something to do with panettone. Geez.

    3. Her nose erks me. I know she can’t help it, but, she could do something about that disturbing grin and vacant stare.

    4. When she thinks that something is “so delicious”, she spews this sound that I can only describe as if I was rolling my eyes at someone. Phonetically, it sounds like “uuuggghhh” — hey, I tried. Mind you, coffee with cinnamon should not give you this almost orgasmic look, eyes rolling behind your head, a dramatic pause. It doesn’t look real, so stop it.

    5. I want to shake the smugness off her.

    6. I hate her receipe for Pasta, cheese and walnuts. Good god woman, why not replace the walnuts, with, oh, i don’t know …. something good.

    7. I don’t care what country you are going to for your weekend getaway. Just go somewhere without a broadcasting signal. hmmm … Zaire is really nice in the “hungry lion” season.

    Eh, if I go on, It will start to get personal. lol

    George M.

  46. Bonita Says:

    I think she is wearing that shirt on her vacation either to avoid a sunburn or because she always is being ridiculed for wearing a low cut shirt and she doesn’t want more criticism. How annoying it must be to always be put down for showing off a bit of her femininity. so stupid. Although she could change up the wardrobe at least once in a while. I saw her in a high necked shirt onceand it looked nice. I think that the low cut tops all the time seems to distract people from the food she is cooking whether they like her or not! She may have an uninteresting cook show or even be annoying to some but come on, how uptight and conservative are people that it is somehow trashy to show a little cleavage? What the f***? are these people climbing out of a time capsule from another era? or are they from some strict religion?? take a trip to Hawaii or southern California if you want to see some truly skankily clad women!! here in Hawaii you should see the “shorts” that are more like underwear that some girls wear. You see lots of women in belly shirts. Sometimes they do look a bit low class or desperate for attention. But still yet, I try not to be too judgmental because I think that overly critical people by far are the ones with the biggest vice!! Now that gets ugly! are women expected by some to not wear a low cut blouse because it is so disturbing to some people? I think it can even still look classy. get over it! and this is coming from a small chested woman who admittedly feels jealous at times. just get over it people!!! don’t watch her for heavens sake.
    For what its worth I don’t think her show is too great either. I think they should do traveling shows going to peoples humble kitchens around the world showing us how they cook good meals. Different locations each time and offer these people some money for teaching! That would be cool. I found this thread in a search to see if she was part midget and realized I am not alone on this conclusion.

  47. Bonita Says:

    oops I realized that I just replied about the rash guard shirt she was wearing in a different blog~ duh… well enough of Giada on the brain!!!

  48. Cricket Says:

    Glad to see how much sense some people have –seeing just how fake and offensive Giada is. Have I got news for you guys: I got a personal email from Food Network with them stating they are “rethinking” this program in total – due to millions of complaints from all FN viewers who now refuse to tune in and watch this phony whore boil water and call it cooking, cut up common bread, drench it in oil and into the oven (wow, how hard is that???) and lean over at every chance to show off more cleavage which doesn’t belong on a cooking show in the first place.
    Do you know Food Network ORDERED her to wear a simple cotton BLOUSE, buttoned up on these shows? She refused saying the program was to be about “sex”. Did you know she did a dominatrix/S&M bunch of photos last summer for Esquire magazine? She wore a white negligee and was drenched in what looked like blood. This is sexy?
    Did you know in an interview with Redbook (I cancelled my subscription) she said: “I have never sat down to eat a plate of food in my life.” She has eating problems to keep what she thinks is some gorgeous figure – she has no figure, straight up and down, except for the huge head, humongous hands, hook nose and shark teeth. We didn’t mention the unwashed hair either. “Spee-gee-tee”, “ccccccccreeeemy”, “ccccccrunchy”, “bean-cheat-tee”…. infantile and phony. “Dig in guys!” “Just like that!!!” Talks down to her own family, keeps her old-man husband on a short leash, and tells viewers to “remember when shopping for blueberries, look for the blue color.” DUH. This is instructional programming for cooks?? LMFAO!! I’ll stick to Ina Garten, Paula, Emeril, Tyler, etc. – the real professionals. Hopefully FN will dump the Everyday Tramp show; it really is what the public wants.

  49. fiona Says:

    Wow I was amazed when my husband told me “she is not a chef” even if she has the education of a chef, her food is not good, reminds me of the kids at school when they are asked to make a necklace out of pasta, really! other than that the fact that she makes those noises and the low cut tops add more to me not liking how she is. She looks like a slut because she has no respect.
    I thank you for telling us your own opinion!

  50. Luciano Says:

    What I dislike about Giada is her superiority attitude. My favorite line she used is “Just when you thought chocolate chip cookies couldn’t get any better I did it”. Yeah right everything she does is the best.

    When she began it seems like she never really cooked before because she always seems so amazed by the out come of her food. In the beginning I noticed she liked to knock restaurants so badly to prove her cooking is better. “Their chick parm is swimming in grease but mine takes all the grease out.” You don’t hear any other chefs do this. Then there is the subject of Giada’s Italian cuisine because in Giada’s world just add Nutella, Parmigean cheese, espresso or Panetta to any American meals and the dish is now Italian.

    I live in Florida and Giada came to the Food and Wine festival three years in a row and the water for her pasta never boiled so she couldn’t cook. What does she do the fourth year try to boil water again? Are you that dumb that you haven’t you learned your lesson by now??? Can’t you make another Italian dish or have the pasta ready?

    I agree she is food porn because some of the comments she makes when she is eating her food are sexually suggestive. Example “The cream just goes all over your mouth”. Did we really need to know that Giada?

    I find it ridiculous when her family/friends are on that she has them do all her grunt work like grating cheese. I loved how her aunt socks it to her “Giada we don’t put butter in that.” I also liked when her friend was on for the Italian street food and she asked “I can get these in Italy???” and Giada’s mother response “No, these are Giada’s creations”. Which meant the whole episode was a fake.

    But what I think really turned me off from Giada like many others was when she was on the Next Food Network Star and was in all her glory bashing them. The winner and runner up made lasagna at one point in the series and you just knew Giada would find something wrong with it and of course that was her least favorite dish from that episode. I find her cruelty to be so mean when you realize that when she first started at one point she asked the camera people to stop filming her. You would think she would have more compassion for them but she didn’t. She can knock them but can’t prepare anything when she has to do a demo at the Food and Wines Festival.

    I was curious if the webmaster of this page can tell us about the other Food Network Chefs issues with Giada are. Can’t wait…..

  51. Giada Fan Says:

    Shame on all of you. How quick are you to judge on what type of person she is. How well do you know her?
    If you only recognize her from her TV spot on Food Network and a couple other TV apperances then I suggest you hold your tongue when it comes to speaking about someone’s character until you have had the chance to meet them and speak with them.

    And secondly-
    The only reason why I think people such as yourselves dislike Giada is you are jealous of her. You should be happy for her and her success.

  52. Cricket Says:

    Giada fan: And we are to assume you know her personally like family to know full well her “character”, right? I think not. You are simply a fan who knows nothing and has no taste or morals.

    Her latest statements? “I hate being pregnant. There’s nothing sexy about being pregnant.” “I can’t believe I’ll give up my freedom once the baby’s born. I do as I please.” This is a person we should admire? On top of the no-talent program, the bare breasts flopping around, the despicable treatment she gives her own family…. and we are jealous? Again, I think not.
    If the Food Network is already considering taking her off the air, that is proof enough for me and the folks out there who share my thoughts.

  53. Mr. PB Says:

    Wow, I’m a huge FN fan, and have been saying these same things for the past 3-4 years! A friend of mine and I watch it all the time, and everytime that bobble headed beeeeeyatch comes on, the channel automatically gets changed. I never had an opinion about her until about 4 years ago when she was making a dish that her mother used to make. She made the comment, “I hope it’s as good as my mother’s”. Then when she tasted it, she looked at the camera with that huge shit eating grin and said, “it’s BETTER than my mother’s”. It would have been funny to see her mom (who is more attractive than she is) come on the set and bitch slap her. I know some Italian Americans, and all who have watched her show say her food is anything but everyday Italian. What, adding hazelnuts, nutella, parmesan cheese, or parsley makes it Italian? I’ve seen better, more authentic Italian food at Fazoli’s.

    Then there was the Next Food Network Star disaster. There would have been NO WAY I would go on that show, because one criticism about my cooking from her, and I would go off. She is a fake boob, shit eating grin, bobbleheaded snob, and the only reason she has the show that she does is because of her last name. I was laughing my ass off when she had her “moootz-ah-rella spa-git-teee” ass handed to her, stupid wench couldn’t even boil water. Then she started whining… Granddaddy Dino couldn’t get her out of that one, could he? And don’t get me started on her abnormally large head. I can only imagine being in the delivery room when her mom gave birth to her, I’m sure she was screaming at the top of her lungs, “EPISIOTOMY, EPISIOTOMY!!!!”

    And, to finish my rant, everything she makes is crunchy, chewy, nutty, etc. Then she makes the snobby comments, “it’s perfect”, and “my friends are gonna love it”. The friends that she serves her food to all look miserable, and then she has to tell everyone what she did with the food, and then instructs them on how to serve themselves. She may as well put them in high chairs and spoon feed everyone. Condescending wench. I can see why her metrosexual husband isn’t on her shows that much, he probably doesn’t want people to see how miserable he is.

  54. Pat Says:

    I despise the way Giada talks with her mouthful to describe how the food “pops in her mouth” or “bursts in my mouth” YUCK, we don’t need to know the texture of food already in your mouth. I also hate the it when she goes “ahhhhhh loook at that!” when she pulls something out of the oven, like she just found a cure for cancer or something.

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