Long Winded = Good?

July 9, 2007

This guy uses 2,200 words, 41 paragraphs and 3 über-spiffy graphs to tell us that long, thought out articles are better than short, snarky nuggets of blogginess. I agree.


4 Responses to “Long Winded = Good?”

  1. Anthony Says:

    This blog post is much too short to attract paying customers.

  2. akugel Says:

    So are bloggers then defined as aggregators and writers as those who use blogging software simply as a publishing platform? so confused.. cheers on the blog by the way, love the aesthetics.

  3. Ged Says:

    Akugel, good questions. As far as the aesthetic goes, thanks!

    HEY, wait! Oh damn… I really gotta design my own CSS one of these days. :-(

  4. akugel Says:

    why mess with perfection?

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