Rebuild of Evangelion Trailer Hits Web

July 10, 2007

Back in March I wrote about Gainax’s upcoming retelling of the cult hit anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. This 4 film series will be hitting theaters in Japan this September, and someone has caught the official trailer YouTubed it. Look beyond the the covert, camcorder quality and Eva fans will see some all-new shots that are sure to shock and awe. I especially love the apparent new CGI-ish fifth Angel, Ramiel. Check it out here.

Update: Being the good friend that he is, Talos has cued me into where you can pre-order some of the toys from the new Eva movies. Eva Unit Zero’s new paint scheme is neat, as is the all new Eva 01 Type-F. It feels like 1996 all over again!


3 Responses to “Rebuild of Evangelion Trailer Hits Web”

  1. Greg Says:

    I know I’m doing something wrong because I watched the entire series (bought it even) and towards the end I didn’t know if either something was lost in language translation or maybe acid hits were required for viewing. I’m not an anime die hard (Cowboy BeBop FTW) but this one definately went past my conscious level of understanding.

  2. Ged Says:

    Greg, you are not alone! The entire time I watched the TV series, I kept thinking to myself “God, I hope the end is worthy of the journey.” Turns out it really wasn’t. Once I came to terms with that (and watched The End of Evangelion) I made peace with myself and have been okay since.

    One of the things Rebuild is supposed to do is make the Eva series “More accessible” to the audience. While Eva purists would say this is blasphemy, I say, bring it on! The series really is brilliant and it’s too bad so many people get turned off by the meta-physical themes at the end. Who wouldn’t really?

  3. David Wogan Says:

    Amazing! This just made my day. I happened to like the original series’ ending, but I also bought the Directors Cut and End of Evangelion dvds as well to see the other endings.

    Either way, this is exciting! And it looks good on the big screen.

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