Coulter Bends Brad & Britt Over

October 4, 2007

If you listened to Brad & Britt’s “interview” this morning of Ann Coulter, then what you heard wasn’t so much of an interview, so much as a 15 minute joke published over public airwaves. Brad & Britt evidently tried to take the “high road” and not go toe to toe with this disgusting excuse for a pundit and what we got was the usual hate spewing rhetoric that went unanswered and unchallenged while she shopped her latest book.

I called into the station to give my thoughts on the entire matter, but when I asked the producer who’s idea it was to put her on, he told me that they try to showcase both sides of the “argument” to try and be fair. I laughed so hard at the notion Ann Coulter and “fairness” used in the same sentence that I simply hung up. I’d love to know when 101.1 FM Talk has ever had anyone on Brad & Britt’s show from the left who is as extreme as Coulter. Because for the 2 years I’ve been listening, I can’t remember them interviewing anyone who called for the murder of public officials on the right, or who issues unilateral statements of hate against all Republicans. If I’m wrong, please let me know.

The worst part is that after she was off the air, the duo spent the next half our segment berating her and claiming that they needed a shower. So they’ll talk smack about her when the segment is done, but not while everyone is actually listening. Brilliant. I love Brad & Britt in the morning, but not when they do crap like this. Very disappointing.


3 Responses to “Coulter Bends Brad & Britt Over”

  1. Ged,
    Thanks for listening to the show. It’s always good to have fans. We made a decision not to roll on the mud with AC because we have made that mistake before and nothing ever gets done. Additionally, I do not judge my self-worth on whether or not I win arguments or “score points” on the radio. Much like pro wrestling (you’ll read about it in my book “Everything I Needed to Know in Life I Learned from Pro Wrestling”), people see me as a good guy or a bad guy. If I do my job properly, people will pay money (or listen) to see me get beat up. This is show business. I am not arrogant enough to beleive that I am a policy-maker or a “decider” (I think Rush really believes that).

    As far as the “extreme” left guests on our show, we haven’t had Rosie O’Donnell on, we have had lefties like Bill Press, Alan Colmes, and some others on. I don’t think we need bomb-throwers on the left to prove how balanced we are.

    Again, thanks for being a fan.

  2. Ged Says:


    Thanks for the response, it is greatly appreciated and speaks volumes about you guys. I understand the desire not to “get down in the mud” with Coulter (who would want to really?) but simply letting her get away with crap like her referring to Obama the way she did without taking her to task is hardly advantageous to your listeners.

    And while you say you don’t need to throw bombs from the left to prove your balance, it seems perfectly okay to throw bombs from the right. Why is that? Seems to be a disconnect at the very least.

    At any rate, keep up the good work and please have Strom Thurmond on more often. I just can’t get enough of “Is the machine on? I say, is the machine ON?!” Cracks me up every time.

  3. Britt Whitmire Says:

    I don’t think it’s accurate to say that she wasn’t challenged on the “B. Hussein” bullshit, as Brad asked her what the hell she was doing. That was an uncomfortable part of the interview. But, really, if that’s all she can throw at Obama, that’s not going to be good enough.

    You do realize that the “machine” reference is based in fact. Look back at some of the tape from the Thomas-Hill hearings and you’ll hear JST say it several times. Also, one of my fave stories from the aforementioned hearings was Strom burping (audibly) into the committee’s microphone. You just can’t feed an old guy pizza that late at night.

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