Climate Denier’s Day of Reckoning

November 9, 2007

At some point (hopefully in the very near future) politicians, skeptics and blowhards who deny that human beings are altering the Earth’s climate will have to snap out of their right-wing fantasy lands and face facts. For Rep. Bob Inglis of South Carolina, that day finally came, thanks in part to his children:

Once a skeptic of global warming, Inglis got a hint that the political winds might be shifting when a longtime supporter warned that he might vote against Inglis if he “didn’t clean up his act on the environment.”

The warning came from Inglis’ eldest son, Robert Jr., now 22.

His daughter was no less blunt about the congressman’s refusal to embrace the view that global warming was being caused by human actions and that a serious response is needed. “I have three more kids coming up — and they seem to share the same view,” Inglis said.

Family pressure worked. Inglis traveled to Antarctica and, most recently, to Greenland to witness the effects of rising CO2 levels and temperatures. He now believes the science behind global warming. And he believes the politics are equally conclusive: Republicans will “get hammered” if they do not reckon with the issue soon.

Imagine that. A representative does a little research, takes a trip to see the effects of climate change first hand, and realizes that the bullshit climate critics have been force-feeding him for years was wrong. Perhaps there’s hope for us yet. In the meantime, Al Gore continues to fight the good fight and come to the aid of whales everywhere.


3 Responses to “Climate Denier’s Day of Reckoning”

  1. John Moltz Says:

    It always takes something personal with these people. It’s like they live these insular lives where they imagine the conservative principles work like an invisible hand keeping everything in order until something hits home. They either suddenly discover that gay people aren’t evil when a cousin or brother comes out of the closet, or the realize everyone *does* deserve health care when their sister gets cancer and gets wiped out financially or they have to have their own kids rub science in their faces. They have stunted senses of empathy and curiosity.

  2. “And he believes the politics are equally conclusive: Republicans will “get hammered” if they do not reckon with the issue soon.”

    Oh, not to worry because by the time it is the Republicans turn to “get hammered” on this issue it will be too late for anyone including the ever complaining and finger pointing and denouncing and do nothing themselves Democrats to give a dam about who believed what and when. In fact, that time has probably already come. BB

  3. Ged Says:

    Brenda, sad to say it, but you may be right. I prefer to err on the side of caution however and fight to raise awareness of this issue with our federal representatives and local leaders. Our way of life and indeed our very survival may depend on it.

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