“Bring ’em on!”

November 10, 2007

President Bush is presented a T-shirt from Lcpl. Isaac Gallegos during a visit to the Center for the Intrepid at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, November 8, 2007. REUTERS Photo by Jim Young.

We hear a great deal about the number of our brave men and women who are killed in Iraq, but almost nothing is heard about those who are wounded, either physically or mentally. A photo-expose published this week from REUTERS makes it all too clear why. Go look at these images. They may be hard to take, but it’s vitally important that you do, no matter what side of the discussion you may be on.


2 Responses to ““Bring ’em on!””

  1. Wolfgang Says:

    I always wonder what he thinks when he meets victims of the war. No, really, I know what I would think, but what does he think?

    But I don’t even know if I should hit “Submit Comment” now.

    I think I just hit it.

  2. Wolfgang Says:

    Forget that stupid comment, now I think how much better a “War on Climate Change” would have been.

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