Confess Your Crushes

December 1, 2007

Did David Cassidy get you twitter-pated? Was Phoebe Cates your first boyhood love? Did you write Mrs. Corey Haim over and over in your spiral bound notebook? If so, here’s your guilt-free chance to tell it to the world! That’s right, it’s Childhood Crush Confession 101 where Internet bloggers of all generations can give a shout out to all those people you thought you were in love with as a kid. The rules are simple. Select at least five of your favorite celebrities that you went ga-ga over when you were growing up, and post them this coming Thursday, December 6th on your blog. Tell us why they lit that special fire deep inside your soul and provide pictures to the crushes in question if you can. Send me a permalink to your post (or your blog in the interim) and I’ll provide a running list here of all the bloggers that are participating. Feel free to cross-link to your fellow confessors if the mood should strike you. Thanks to Twitter, we already have David Miller and Dave Caolo joining in, so don’t just stand there! Dig out those notes you passed around in class, and dust off those old VHS tapes of Family Ties and get writing people!

List of Participating Blogs:

Living In the now
• Kaylow
Cocoia Blog
Russian Mafia Babe

15 Responses to “Confess Your Crushes”

  1. Other than the standard girl fair of Davy Jones/Monkees, thanks tot he 70’s reruns, I also had a weird thing Glenn Ford and James Coburn. I watched aot of old cowboy flicks when I was a kid.

    In high school it as Duran Duran all the way! (still is)

  2. Ged Says:

    Ah yes, the irresistible Mr. Davy Jones. One of my cousins lived and breathed for the Brady Bunch episode where he guest starred. The people who put together the Monkees really knew a thing or two about marketing.

  3. Why, of course I’m in! ;). I’ll keep it secret until I post it, though, I might have to find the fourth and fifth, them being (sigh) cartoon characters.

  4. Ged Says:


    Awesome! I’ve added your blog to the list of participating sites. And yes, please do keep your choices a secret until posting time. Don’t want any cross-crush contamination. :-) Thanks man!

  5. Jezza Says:

    Count me in, this sounds like a hoot! I’ll post mine early morning UK time.

  6. Ged Says:

    That’s great Jezza! I’ve added your blog to the list. Can’t wait to read ’em!

  7. momisodes Says:

    Oh! oh! Count me in!

    I have much to confess :)

    Digging up the Sharpie colored spiral notebooks now!

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  9. Lisa Merritt Says:

    I don’t think I have that good of a memory anymore, but I’ll try, even though it is sure to be embarrassing! Hope my goddaughter doesn’t read this.

  10. Ged Says:

    Sandy and Lisa, good to have you on board! This is getting good. I might finally gain some insight into the female psyche and just what I was doing wrong back in high school. Score!

  11. Ged–LOL! Some stone washed skin tight jeans, a mullet, and a boy band affiliation may have been a bonus ;)

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  15. Doug Says:

    With a doubt my two boyhood crushes were Alyssa Milano and Elizabeth Shue… I guess I was always drawn to the girl next door with a heart. I guess 20 years after the fact I can say that my first kiss was the tv….when Elizabeth Shue was on it during the Karate Kid…. lucky Raph Mauciano…:(:(:(:(

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