Bill O’Reilly, Holiday Hypocrite

December 15, 2007

Bill O’Reilly never ceases to be a source of constant amazement and pity for me. He calls himself an independent but continues to push the talking points of the Bush White House every chance he gets. He calls reporters like Helen Thomas, who have devoted their lives to reporting the facts of all administrations “anti-American”. And let’s not forget the little problem with his adulterous relationship with Andrea Mackris that he swept under the rug for millions of dollars.

It’s the holiday season again and Bill-O is back plugging his fictitious “War on Christmas” agenda that he’s been making up for the past few years. He even had the audacity to recently declare “victory” against the so-called “secular-progressives”. As if you can declare victory in a war that you yourself created out of whole cloth.

But now, even Bill-O has reached a new low. Often times, people can stomach someone with opposing views because they stick to their principals. President Bush is a great example of this phenomena. Although he tends to do things that are not in the best interest of this country, many conservatives back him because he doesn’t waver. He’s their rock as it were. So you can imagine why I literally laughed out loud when Bill O’Reilly exempted the national book selling chain, Barnes & Nobel, from his made-up war on Christmas. Despite Barnes & Nobel being one of the “worst offenders” of using the term “holiday” instead of “Christmas” in their marketing material, this is what O’Reilly told Carrie Gordon Earll of Focus on the Family on a recent broadcast:

“And I think a lot of people feel the same way, which is why we reversed the trend, but I’m not going to come down hard on Barnes & Noble. I think, you know, Dick Sporting Goods, you know, they may want to rethink this.”

Why would Bill give pinheads like Barnes & Nobel a free pass on this issue? Because they sell a ton of his books! How can he be expected to back a boycott of the store, when Barnes & Nobel helps line Bill’s pockets? I mean, ‘comon he’s gotta help recoup the cost of that Mackris settlement somehow, right?

Today I gladly add “hypocrite” to the long list of Bill’s character flaws. Happy Holidays Bill!

UPDATE: Now you can own the O’Reilly vs. Mackris lawsuit in the form of classical music! Has hard as it may be to believe, composer Igor Keller has spent 9 months creating a modern opera based on the actual text of the lawsuit. It’s a stunning and poignant piece of work. Head on over and check out some clips, and if you like it, buy it. I can think of nothing that would make Bill happier.

3 Responses to “Bill O’Reilly, Holiday Hypocrite”

  1. John Godwin Says:

    Hell! Ged. I went to the post office to buy Christmas stamps. I could get the damn Islamic holiday stamps, but no Christmas stamps, and you tell me there is no war on Christmas. Congress has voted to honor muslim holiday, but not to honor Christmas. It is no wonder for me to think you are full of it.

  2. Ged Says:

    Sorry John, but the Post Office is offering Christmas stamps of the Madonna and Child this year like they have every year dating back as far as 1967.

    If your local office was out, that’s probably because they are popular, not because there’s a “War on Christmas”.

  3. David Says:

    If you get a chance, then try reading Stephen Nissenbaum’s The Battle for Christmas to see how the holiday was changed from an unruly carnival season to today’s American family holiday. It’s definitely interesting to see where our current Christmas “traditions” originated. See the following link for a summary:

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