Confess Your Crushes

December 1, 2007

Did David Cassidy get you twitter-pated? Was Phoebe Cates your first boyhood love? Did you write Mrs. Corey Haim over and over in your spiral bound notebook? If so, here’s your guilt-free chance to tell it to the world! That’s right, it’s Childhood Crush Confession 101 where Internet bloggers of all generations can give a shout out to all those people you thought you were in love with as a kid. The rules are simple. Select at least five of your favorite celebrities that you went ga-ga over when you were growing up, and post them this coming Thursday, December 6th on your blog. Tell us why they lit that special fire deep inside your soul and provide pictures to the crushes in question if you can. Send me a permalink to your post (or your blog in the interim) and I’ll provide a running list here of all the bloggers that are participating. Feel free to cross-link to your fellow confessors if the mood should strike you. Thanks to Twitter, we already have David Miller and Dave Caolo joining in, so don’t just stand there! Dig out those notes you passed around in class, and dust off those old VHS tapes of Family Ties and get writing people!

List of Participating Blogs:

Living In the now
• Kaylow
Cocoia Blog
Russian Mafia Babe

I Believe

October 25, 2007

… 8 days of rest are bad for professional baseball teams.

… I never want to have to choose between fires, mudslides or earthquakes.

… in Bigoot Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster & the theory of Atlantis.

… Apple is the most valuable computer maker in the world.

Scott Moritz couldn’t “analyze” his way out of a paper bag.

… there is only one OCTOBER!

… Halo 3 is overrated.

… Digg is a double-edged sword.

… Hiro is his own father.

… chemists know their puns.

… people regret re-electing George W. Bush.

… watering golf courses during a historic drought is a mistake.

… “Deal with it!” is my new favorite TV catch phrase.


… Kirk > Picard.

Min and I were out grocery shopping the other day when we passed something that immediately caught our eyes. There on the shelf, tucked in with other gourmet candy bars was Dagoba brand chocolate bars. We both looked at each other and without skipping a beat, Min looked me in the eye and said, “I didn’t know Yoda made chocolate!”. We had a good laugh and decided that we should share our discovery with the geekverse.

Its obvious that the brand isn’t intentionally playing off our love of the little green fuzzy one. The wrapper explains that Dagoba is a Sandskrit name meaning “temple of the gods”. Lucas must have used this as inspiration for the fictitous home planet of the über-powerful Jedi Master. George slaps an “h” onto the name and all of a sudden millions of Star Wars fans have a new piece of trivia to share at conventions. You can thank me later.

Regardless of where the name came from, all Min and I could think to ourselves as we later munched was, “Yummie, this chocolate bar is!”

Danger, Wannabe Ahead

March 3, 2007

Creative Critics

This clever cartoon perfectly illustrates what it is like to work in the design industry. I have to say that I’ve had more than a few clients that fit several of these categories. My favorite would have to be the ever-present Wannabe.